Preservation Dental takes on the Detroit Derby Girls



Northville, MI - If you could save a life, would you? You can. The new movie Whip It touts a simple message Be Your Own Hero. Dr. William Demray teams up with the Detroit Derby Girls (DDG) to support this message with his own:  Wear a Helmet, Use a Mouthguard. The combination is an effective way to prevent Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). The life you save could be your own, or that of a child.

The dynamic duo of Demray and the DDG will debut Friday, November 20, 2009 at the annual Holiday Lighted Parade in the historic downtown district in Northville, MI. The traditional roller skating ball will be apparent in the tinsel tree of platinum and gold lit brightly and twinkling inside one of Dr. Demray’s signature PD Bugs. The black vintage Volkswagen will be driven by the doc himself, accompanied by DDG Racer McChaseHer – who played Princess Slaya in Whip It (starring Drew Barrymore). 15 to 20 Detroit Derby Girls showing off their moves will surround the car. 

Dr. Demray hopes this is just the beginning: “The message to wear a helmet and use a mouthguard is a life-saving message. Everyone wants to be safe, but we should not give up the simple pleasures that make day-to-day life exciting and adventurous. The Detroit Derby Girls are having fun –and still practicing safe skating!”

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About William S. Demray, D.D.S.

Dr. Demray has a private general dentistry practice in Northville, which he established in 1977.  It is a family based practice with an emphasis in preservation dentistry.  He is the principal founder of Preservation Dental.  Demray is licensed in Michigan, Illinois, and the state of Washington. He is a member of several local, state and international dental associations. Additionally, he’s been personally involved in the Northville community for more than 25 years.  The offices of Preservation Dental is located in a historic home on the corner of Griswold and Main, which has been recognized and honored by the Northville Beautification Commission with numerous awards. As a resident of Northville, William Demray has volunteered his time and talents serving the community on the Planning Commission, Downtown Development Authority and is currently on the Northville Economic Development Corporation.