Pierre Fauchard Fellowship


Northville Dentist Receives International Honor 

Honorary Fellowship in the Pierre Fauchard Academy has been bestowed on Dr. William S. Demray 
Northville, Mich. – Dr. William S. Demray of Northville’s Preservation Dental has been elected as a Fellow of the Michigan Section of the Pierre Fauchard Academy, an international dental organization dedicated to the advancement of the art and science of dentistry. The ceremony took place at the Michigan Dental Association annual meeting in Detroit, May 5, 2007.  
Fellowship in the Academy is by nomination by professional dental leaders. Such membership was designed to be an accolade itself for past accomplishments and to serve as an encouragement to future productivity. The criteria for Fellowship include service to the dental profession, contribution to dental literature and research and public service to the general community.  Dr. Demray was sponsored by Dr. Ernesto Acuña E., the Trustee—Region 7, Latin America of the organization, and Dr. J. R. D. Backer of Lelystad in the Netherlands. It is planned that Dr. Demray will be received by the International body at the American Dental Association meeting, to be held in San Francisco later this year.
The Academy is named for Pierre Fauchard (1678-1761).  In addition to being an astute observer, he was also a technological innovator. His almost single-handed work in elevating dentistry to a true profession cannot be underestimated. Deservedly, Fauchard has been described as the “Father of Modern Dentistry”. The Academy encourages the elevation of the character, education and professional ability of dentists via contributions to professional literature, the sharing of knowledge with fellow practitioners, the education of students, the continuing education of all members of the dental profession and the improvement of the oral health of the public. Dr. Demray is honored to be a recipient of this prestigious award: “As with most things, the value of knowledge increases as it is shared.”
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About William S. Demray, D.D.S.
Dr. Demray has a private general dentistry practice in Northville, which he established in 1977.  It is a family based practice with an emphasis in preservation dentistry.  He is the principal founder of Preservation Dental.  Demray is licensed in Michigan, Illinois, and the state of Washington. He is a member of several local, state and international dental associations. Additionally, he’s been personally involved in the Northville community for more than 25 years.  The offices of Preservation Dental are located on the corner of Griswold and Main. It has been recognized and honored by the Northville Beautification Commission with numerous awards. As a resident of Northville, William Demray has volunteered his time and talents serving the community on the Planning Commission, Downtown Development Authority and is currently on the Northville Economic Development Corporation. 
For information on the Pierre Fauchard Academy visit the website: fauchard.org