Play It Safe


“Wear a helmet.”
“Use your mouthguard.”

Northville, Mich.— William S. Demray, D.D.S. and Charles N. (Nick) Simkins, J.D. do what they can to get the word out.  As the temperatures warm up, outdoor enthusiasts head for the streets, recreation areas and sports fields.  Accidents happen.  In his family based practice, Dr. Demray sees an increase in traumatic injury to the teeth and mouth at this time of the year.  Participating in sports with a mouthguard is the best way to prevent such injuries. As an attorney representing closed head injury victims, Mr. Simkins sees the devastation from not wearing a protective helmet while enjoying popular outdoor exercise activities such as bike riding and rollerblading.

Demray and Simkins decided to team up to get their message out.  They have joined together as co-sponsors of the opening ceremonies for the annual July 4th Parade in the historic community of Northville. For the first time in the history of the parade, the opening ceremonies will feature an audience-wide, group sing-along performance of “The Star-Spangled Banner” and “America, The Beautiful”.  They will distribute the lyrics to the crowd of 50,000 along with their Play it Safe! message on commemorative fans.  One way and another the gentlemen hope to be heard loud and clear.  

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About William S. Demray, DDS
Dr. Demray has a private general dentistry practice in Northville, which he established in 1977.  It is a family based practice with an emphasis in preservation dentistry.  He is licensed in Michigan, Illinois, and Washington state and is a member of several local, state and international dental associations. Bill is a certified private pilot and holds an aviation world record recognized by the National Aeronautic Association.  He has been an active member of the Northville community for more than 25 years.  His office is located in a historic home on the corner of Griswold and Main, which has been recognized and honored by the Northville Beautification Commission with numerous awards. As a resident of Northville, William Demray has volunteered his time and talents serving the community on the Planning Commission, Downtown Development Authority and is currently on the Northville Economic Development Corporation.

About Charles N. (Nick) Simkins, Attorney-At-Law
Charles N. (Nick) Simkins has had a private law practice in Northville specializing in personal injury cases since 1975.  Nick has an international reputation as an expert trial lawyer in cases involving traumatic brain injury, electric shock and lightning strike injury and is doing some pioneering work in proving the relationship between trauma and multiple sclerosis.  Nick has been admitted to practice law in over twenty (20) states representing injured people, and has made over 300 invited lectures on issues related to litigation and traumatic brain injury, electric shock, lightning strike and multiple sclerosis for various legal, medical and insurance groups throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe, including the Royal College of Medicine in London.

Nick has written thirty-six (36) articles which have been published in various legal journals throughout the U.S. and Europe, as well as writing five (5) books, including the former National Head Injury Foundation (NHIF) book entitled “Analysis, Understanding and Preventing Cases Involving TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury)”, which from worldwide sales raised over $400,000.00 for the NHIF (currently known as the Brain Injury Association).  His most recent publication is a 200+ page book entitled “Laymen Guide to Selecting an Attorney and Understanding Litigation in Cases Involving Personal Injury and Wrongful Death”.

Throughout the years Nick has served on numerous boards and associations and enjoys his wife Sharon, his children Sarah, Jake, Natalie, Mary and Amy, as well as competitive ice hockey.  He spends time every week somewhere in the world raising money and awareness for helmet use and brain injury prevention. When asked why he spends so much time as a volunteer, Nick said of his face-face encounters with the devastating consequences of injury, “Those of us who know first hand have a special calling to do what we can to prevent injury.”